Workshop & Service

Our workshop


In our workshop we have the option of subjecting your regulator to a simple or complete service. We recommend anyone who has not dived their regulator for a long time to have it checked by us before diving. Daniel is a licensed APEKS and Aqualung service technician and attaches great importance to professional and clean service according to top standards.


In addition, we offer battery changes on AquaLung dive computers. We can offer external battery service for other models.


Regulator Service

Dein letzter Regulator Service ist schon etwas her? Kein Problem Bei uns kannst du vor dem Tauchen dein Regulator durch uns revidieren lassen. Bei vorzeitiger Anmeldung ist dies innerhalb eines Tages gemacht. 

Kompletter Service APEKS €95

(1 Erste Stufe + 2 Zweite Stufen)

Kompletter Service Aqualung €105

(1 Erste Stufe + 2 Zweite Stufen)

Our shop

In our shop you will find branded products from APEKS, Aqualung, Bare and Oceanic. We also have no-name products as well as many small parts and accessories in our range. As with diving, professional and honest service is very important to us.


Your AquaMed diving insurance


AquaMed offers specialized medical services in the field of diving and travel medicine. From the medical emergency hotline to professional emergency management to integrated insurance services, AquaMed offers the all-round carefree package for divers and travelers. Whether recreational or professional divers, there is a suitable AquaMed dive card for you.

  • 24/7 medical emergency hotline

  • Professional emergency management

  • Storage of medical data

  • Foreign travel health insurance

  • Diving accident insurance

  • Divers' personal liability insurance