Green Bay

The natural bay is the ideal dive site for beginners or divers who have not dived for a long time. The easy entry, the good visibility and no flow characterize the limited open water. This dive site is located in the Protaras area and is only a few minutes drive away. The maximum depth is 10 meters with many colourful fish. Also a night dive is especially worth it here!


Depth: 1-10m

Difficulty level: easy


Cyclops Caves

A nice dive site with several diving options. It is suitable for deep dives up to 40 meters depth, but even a more shallowr dive can be very interesting. A natural underwater road makes navigating to entry and exit easy. You will find morays, lion-fish, turtles, squids and whatever else floats in front of your mask.


Depth: 40m

Difficulty level: easy-medium



A simple dive site with a maximum depth of 12 meters with many caves, tunnels and overhanging rocks. Look into this hiding place and discover many different species of fish as well as squids and moray eels. The caves are especially good for beautiful underwater photos!


Depth: 14m

Difficulty level: easy-medium


Nemesis Wrack

In December 2013, the wreck was sunk as planned right next to the Liberty wreck in Parlimni. Previously, holes were cut into the ship's bow, which now form great swimm-troughs underwater.


Depth: 18-27m

Difficulty: medium


Liberty Wreck

The Liberty wreck was sunk on May 27, 2009 off the coast of Paralimni. The Russian cargo ship is to be taken by the underwater wave and become a new home for many fish. It is exciting to see how the wreck is more animated by nature from year to year.


Depth: 23-27m

Length: 37m

Difficulty: medium


Zenobia Wreck

This wreck is one of the top wrecks to dive worldwide! It sank on the maiden voyage just off the coast of Larnaca in 1980. The crew managed to escape, but its load is still 18-42m deep. Large schools of grupers, barracudas, tuna and other predatory fish visit the wreck every year. Find more information here.


Depth: 18-42m

Difficulty: advanced



This dive site can be considered one of the best spots on the island! The dive site is located at Konnos Bay with a beautiful chapel. Here you can see some big fish like grupers as well as octopus! Also an ideal dive site for night dives. The starting depth is 3 meters and goes down to 40 meters!


Depth: 3-40m

Difficulty: medium


Octopus Reef

The Octopus Reef is a pristine reef bank off the Paralimnis coast. At an average depth of 30 meters, octopus, lionfish, moray eels and much more can be discovered. It can be reached by boat. Because of its depth and partly current it is only for experienced divers.


Depth: 26-33m

Difficulty level: medium - difficult

These are just a few of our dive sites. We are happy to show you - depending on the weather and waves - more exciting places. Come on over!


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