Discover the underwater world in the Mediterranean

Diving in Cyprus with the Cyprus Diving Centre


The south coast of Cyprus with the regions Protaras, Ayia Napa and Pernera offer a variety of wonderful diving spots for beginners and advanced divers. From simple, shallow dive sites with sea turtles and seahorses, to caves and shipwrecks, you will find everything with us. From the 2021 season there will even be an underwater museum by the well-known artist Jason deCaires Taylor, unless CORONA throws a spanner in the works.


Since we rarely have waves and only low tides, we usually have visibility around 30 meters. Even at greater depths, there is still a lot of light, which makes diving particularly pleasant. These are perfect conditions, especially for beginners, but also for advanced divers who want to continue their education.


Many of our dive sites are easy to reach by car and getting in and out is very easy. At some dive sites you have to climb a bit, but the places are not overcrowded.



An unforgettable experience

Diving with sea turtles in Cyprus


Have you always dreamed of diving with sea turtles, watching them eat, and learning a little more about these beautiful, elegant animals? Then you've come to the right place at Cyprus Diving Center.


Many of our dive sites provide great food for the green sea turtle. Sea turtles can often be found in the season from June to mid-October. Here they feed on the seaweed and commute back and forth between the various bays. This gives us the incredible opportunity to watch and study these great animals in peace. You will be surprised how big these turtles can get. Unfortunately, here too the sea turtles are endangered. Fortunately, the populations have recovered a bit in the last few years and we are increasingly seeing turtles diving.


Visit us and learn more about the fascinating world of sea turtles in the Mediterranean.



The following sea turtles can be found in the Mediterranean


Leatherback Turtle
Leatherback Turtle

It is the largest of all turtles and reaches an average size of 130cm. They visit the Mediterranean again and again in search of food. However, they have no nesting areas here.

Loggerhead Turtle (caretta caretta)
Loggerhead Turtle (caretta caretta)

It reaches an average size of 75cm. It can be found all over the Mediterranean Sea and has important nesting areas in Cyprus.

Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)
Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

It feeds mainly on seaweed and reaches an average size of 90cm. It can be found all over the Mediterranean. We often find them at our dive sites around the diving school.

We respect nature

Rules for diving and watching turtles

  • Always keep enough distance from the turtles so that they don't feel disturbed.

  • Never dive or swim over a turtle so that it can always emerge directly.

  • Avoid all contact with the turtles.

  • If a turtle swims away, avoid diving or swimming after it.

  • Don't feed sea turtles.


An overview of what you can find with us