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learn all about sea turtles in the Mediterranean Sea

PADI Mediterranean Sea Turtle Speciality

Diving with sea turtles

Are you interested in marine conservation and the underwater world? You find sea turtles fascinating and would like to learn more about them? Then become a "MEDITERRANEAN SEA TURTLE" EXPERT and support their protection! You can also take part in this course as a non-diver and complete the theoretical part with a diploma.


What awaits you

The PADI Mediteranean Sea Turtle Specialty consists of 2 parts:

Part One: Theory . The theory is accessible to everyone. Regardless of whether you are a diver or not (yet). In just over an hour you can learn many great facts about sea turtles worldwide and in the Mediterranean via Zoom. For example, which species are actually found in the Mediterranean, how you can tell them apart and what we can do to protect them. The online theory costs €50, of which €25 goes directly to our Xenios project to protect sea turtles. After completing the theory, you will receive your first diploma from us. This allows you to take part in the practical part of the diving course with us. You can simply order the online theory HERE.


Second part: 2 dives.  Join us on two dives and be there when we go in search of sea turtles. Help us with behavior analysis and database creation and test your knowledge from the online course. Can you correctly identify the sea turtles underwater?



online course.


✔ You will build up basic knowledge about sea turtles in the Mediterranean

✔ You will learn how to protect sea turtles

✔ You can pass on your knowledge and thus contribute even more to protection

✔ You have the opportunity to complete the practical part with us in Cyprus

✔ You support our turtle protection project in Cyprus with CHF 25.

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