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Diving with Nitrox:

PADI Enriched Air Diver

One of the most popular PADI courses


Diving with Nitrox (EAD = Enriched Air Diving) is clearly becoming increasingly popular. The main advantage of diving with oxygen-enriched air is that you can extend your no-stop times and shorten your surface time.

Many also keep saying that one gets less tired and can concentrate better. But that is probably a personal feeling. However, training as a NITROX diver is definitely worth it and is done by most divers.

In order to be able to dive with NITROX, you need this course, otherwise, you won't get any NITROX bottles. There are a few things to consider here. You can also integrate this course into your PADI Advanced Diver course.

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Your PADI NITROX Course:


In theory, you learn above all the effects of nitrogen and oxygen on our body. As you surely have from the theory of your PADI Open Water Diver course, nitrogen is responsible for the so-called decompression sickness. Diving without NITROX is known to be done with a gas mixture of approximately 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. And this is where diving with EAD comes in. EAD stands for Enriched Air Diving and means; diving with enriched oxygen. So that we can reduce the gas nitrogen, a mixture is added to our bottle which contains more oxygen than nitrogen. Example: EAN31 = 31% oxygen / 69% nitrogen. So our body absorbs less nitrogen and we can extend our non-stop time. So why not 100% oxygen? You will learn this in the theory part of the course.


Here we show you how to check your gas mixture and what to look out for. We also plan this dive thoroughly. Then we go diving with NITROX for the first time and enjoy the underwater world.

Beginn with the diving theory!

Start with PADI eLearning

With the PADI eLearning® system you can start with the theoretical part of the course and work at your own pace. This convenient, interactive learning option allows you to learn anytime, anywhere where you have an internet connection.

After completing your eLearning program, you can start directly with the practical part of the course with us (or in any other PADI diving school worldwide). We will deduct the amount paid for this from the course.

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More information

We offer our courses in German, English, and French. We attach great importance to making you feel comfortable. We understand it's a big step. Therefore, we always keep our groups as small as possible so that we can take enough time for each one.

How do I get to you?
In front of the dive centre there are free parking spaces and a bus station is only a 2 minute walk away. We also offer transportation from your hotel in the Pernera, Protaras, and Agia Napa region for a small extra cost.

What do I learn in PADI Enriched Air Diver theory and is there an exam?
Here you will learn something about nitrogen, oxygen, and safety when diving with NITROX. In the end, there is a final exam to check your knowledge.

Do I need my own equipment?
No of course not. So you don't need to buy or bring any equipment. However, if you already have your own equipment, you can benefit from a 10% discount on your course. With us, however, your equipment is included in the course price.

Can I dive longer with NITROX?
Yes and no. You can dive longer in terms of your non-stop time. However, your scuba bottle still has the same amount of air and you also need the same amount to fill your lungs. So if you breathe your regular tank empty in 20 minutes, you will probably still do it after your NITROX course.

Do I need a dive computer?
For your NITROX course dive, we provide you with a dive computer free of charge. However, we definitely recommend that you buy your own computer. In very few dive centers you can get a well-functioning dive computer if you can get one at all. We think this is part of your basic equipment in addition to a mask and snorkel. We would be happy to advise you in our shop.

Can I take the NITROX course without a dive?
Yes, that is possible. We will simply do a simulated dive where we will check the air mix.

Environmental Protection.

Safe our planet

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