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Swiss quality meets Cypriot hospitality!



Your and our security is of course the top priority for us! Safety includes quality equipment, a high-quality introduction to the underwater world, and well-trained diving guides and instructors who contribute to your safety through their experience and are always at your side.


With all the safety and quality measures, one shouldn't forget what is the main point of diving; the fun! We do everything to ensure that you feel comfortable with us and consider us your diving friends! Transport to and from the hotel, refreshing snacks, and small groups are just a few of the factors that will contribute to your well-being. We love diving and we love life in Cyprus and we want to pass this on to you!


The sea and the environment are not just our workplaces but our life-givers. There is no life without the sea and therefore we do everything we can to protect the environment as well as possible.


PADI 5 Star Divecentre in Pernera

Our diving school "The Cyprus Diving Centre" is located in Pernera right next to Protaras and was taken over by us in 2019. The diving school has a separate theory room and its own small shop. You can also find drinks and a cozy outdoor space here. Thanks to the restaurant Tipsy Turtle, which is directly connected to the diving school, you can end the diving day with us as well.



We are not just working colleagues but like a family! We love our job and above all love to show this to our guests and pass it on. We share one great love: the sea.
A good and pleasant climate is very important to us, as is quality and safety. This starts with happy and satisfied employees. For this reason, we attach great importance to offering a pleasant climate for our diving instructors and divemasters and, of course, fair wages.



Owner / PADI Instructor

Languages: DE, EN, FR



PADI Instructor

Languages: EN



Divemaster Trainee
Sprachen: DE, EN



Co-Owner / PADI Instructor

Languages: DE, EN



PADI Instructor

Languages: DE, EN

Service and sales

Our brands and partners


Do you have your own equipment with you but want to have your regulator checked before diving? No problem. Daniel is a service technician from Aqualung and Apeks and can also provide you with a full service if required.

Our workshop


In our workshop we have the option of subjecting your regulator to a simple or complete service. We recommend anyone who has not dived their regulator for a long time to have it checked by us before diving. Daniel is a licensed APEKS and Aqualung service technician and attaches great importance to professional and clean service according to top standards.


In addition, we offer battery changes on AquaLung dive computers. We can offer external battery service for other models.


Our shop

In our shop you will find branded products from APEKS, Aqualung, Bare and Oceanic. We also have no-name products as well as many small parts and accessories in our range. As with diving, professional and honest service is very important to us.



Cyprus Diving Centre, D. Kistler

13 Aphrodite Street

5396 Pernera, Famagusta - Cyprus


Tel.:     +357 99 399 404

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We have to protect our blue planet!

Divers as eco-sinners

We all have to admit; we divers don't leave the best ecological footprint. We love to travel to the most remote places, we need equipment from all over the world, sometimes we drive from dive site to dive site and we love to go on a liveaboard. We take this problem very seriously and have often questioned the whole thing. Well - what should we do? It would probably be best to close the diving school and prohibit diving in general. But this is out of the question for us. Because we divers are also important ambassadors for the environment and we can only be that if we regularly convince ourselves of the beauty of the underwater world and see the problems with our own eyes. Many people have already started to live more environmentally friendly after they have started diving and this is exactly where we want to start. We want to make our contribution to the environment with the following implementations:

We as a diving school train people how to dive. But for us, the training doesn't stop there. We are firmly convinced that the training does not only include diving itself, but also knowledge of our environment. Especially our water cycle, of course. For this reason, we also integrate a training block "Diving and Environment" into the diving training to show every diver how and why you have to protect our seas, rivers and lakes.

We are constantly working on making our diving school more sustainable. This is not always easy, especially in Cyprus, but we are convinced that we will achieve a good result here and hopefully set a good example for other diving schools. To achieve this, we are working towards the PADI program "Green Star", which we would like to achieve by the end of 2020.

How can we make our diving school more sustainable?

  •     No PET bottles or disposable plastic products

  •     Use new technologies to save electricity

  •     Keep paper consumption as low as possible

  •     Education and books in electronic form

  •     Minimize water consumption


Act actively

Unfortunately, there is already a lot of garbage floating in the sea and there is always garbage on the coast. That is why we regularly organize clean-ups, especially in the off-season, to free the sea and land of garbage. Why especially in the low season? During the high season, waste disposal works relatively well and the beaches around us are kept very clean. As soon as the off-season begins, however, you can clearly see that waste disposal no longer works as well.

But we don't just collect garbage from clean-ups. All of our diving instructors and dive guides collect rubbish from the dives and take it to the diving school where we separate and dispose of it. Of course, we always like to give every diver a net to collect garbage. Incidentally, this is also an excellent tarring exercise when diving.

We support the seas!

Oceansupport Switzerland is an online shop in Switzerland that, in addition to the world-famous 4Ocean bracelets, also offers various products as plastic alternatives, thus helping to ensure that less waste ends up in our seas. Any support counts in this mission. Because we in Switzerland are also very dependent on the world's oceans. Did you know, for example, that not only does the forest provide us with oxygen, but that every 3 breaths contains oxygen from the ocean?