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Schnorcheln im Ozean
Guided and Informative:

Snorkeling with turtles

Snorkeling trip Cyprus - with a turtle expert to the turtles

Have you ever wanted to see a sea turtle up close? This is exactly what the turquoise, crystal-clear water of Cyprus invites you to do.


Join us on a snorkeling trip to sites commonly visited by the local turtles, observe them in their natural habitat and help support Project Xenios, a marine conservation project which aims to gather data and monitor the turtle population in the local area. Back on land, over a drink, we use the database that was created for Project Xenios, to find out which turtle we visited in their underwater world. Was Aphrodite there? Or was it Georgios? Maybe even Happy or Orion? 


The tours are led by our turtle specialist, who works with us to protect the oceans and their inhabitants. Before we start, they will provide you with some background information about sea turtles and inform you on how to swim with them respectfully. Then, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary snorkeling equipment and make our way to the snorkeling site.


And to ensure that this unique experience is unforgettable, we not only take photos and videos during our trip, but you also receive a personalized "Turtle Lovers Turtle Snorkeling Diploma" afterwards.

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We meet at the Dive Centre. If you need a pick up from Protaras, Pernera or Ayia Napa, we can offer this service for a small extra cost.



On arrival at the diving school, you will meet our marine biologist who will show you around and ensure your comfort on our premises. You will then need to fill out the obligatory paperwork.


Afterwards, there will be time for a quick presentation about sea turtles and how to swim with them while snorkeling. This includes:

… which sea turtles live around Cyprus

… background information about their life

… threats impacting them

… how we can protect sea turtles


We are happy to supply you with a mask and snorkel, and, even though the ocean in Cyprus is quite warm, we can also provide you with a short wetsuit if you prefer to wear one. We have a large selection of sizes and you will also find toilets and enough space to change. We will also take a buoy as an optional flotation device. 


Once we arrive at the snorkeling site, you will get a brief overview of the area that we will snorkel in and look for sea turtles. The guide will have a camera to take photos and videos of the turtles but also of you, so you have something to look back on after your holiday. We will be in the water for up to an hour, but you are free to let the guide know if you want to leave earlier.



Afterwards we will drive back to the dive centre and, if you were lucky to see a sea turtle, the photos an videos taken during the trip will be used to try and identify which of the turtles in the Project Xenios Database you saw.

At the end, we will send you any photos and videos taken during the trip, as well as your “Turtle Lovers Snorkeling Diploma”. We will then be happy to drive you back to your hotel.


Poject Xenios

Find out how we want to help the turtles in Cyprus.


Turtle database

Meet our resident turtles!


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We respect nature

Turtle Watching Rules

- Always keep enough distance from the turtles so that they do not feel disturbed.
- Never dive or swim over a turtle so that it can always surface directly.
- Avoid any contact and touching with the turtles.
- If a turtle swims away, avoid diving or swimming after it.
- Do not feed sea turtles.



Diving with Turtles:

PADI Mediterranean Sea Turtle Specialty


Our own PADI course is now ready to be discovered by you:

  • designed by us

  • recognized by PADI

  • perfectly aligned with Cyprus

  • for turtle lovers and environmental friends

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