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PADI Open Water Diver

PADI Junior Open Water Diver

Your entry into the fascinating world of diving

The whole world is open to you as a diver. You can dive practically anywhere in the world. No matter whether in Switzerland in a crystal clear mountain lake or in the Maldives with colorful coral reefs or just here in Cyprus with great wrecks and incredible visibility.

With the PADI Open Water Diver course, you will do your first step into the underwater world and will learn everything you need to know in 3 to 4 days to dive into the most beautiful places in the world. Above all, we attach great importance to making you feel comfortable and safe underwater.  Since we are a small diving school, we can plan your course more flexibly. So, if you want a break after 2 days, this is not a problem. We try to adapt your program as best we can so that you can enjoy your vacation.

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The PADI Open Water course consists of three parts:

Part one: Theory. Theory is also part of diving. However, we understand very well how to keep this theory as exciting as possible for you! The theory consists on the one hand of a video divided into 5 chapters and some repetition questions.

Our diving instructors will also discuss the whole theory with you and show you what the theory means using practical examples. At the end you have to pass a theory test with 50 multiple choice questions. But we can promise you: you can do it! :-) There is also the possibility to do the theory in advance in an independent study from home (PADI e-learning). We will then repeat the theory again in the Divecentre and then you can directly complete the exam with us.


Part Two: Confined  Water In the PADI Open Water course, we first go to a pool or a dive site in the sea with pool-like conditions. This means: standing water depth, good visibility and enclosed on the sides. Here we learn the first exercises above and under water to prepare you perfectly for your first dive. Here, too, we follow the motto: Learning with joy and fun.


Third part: Open water. Now it's off to the sea! There are a total of 4 open water dives in your training. Here you show your instructor the exercises you have learned in the pool and get used to the underwater world. Believe us ... it is an indescribable feeling to swim weightlessly with the fish without having to surface every few seconds to take a breath.


The first dive is a very simple and relaxed dive, where it is all about getting used to the new world. After that, every dive comes with additional exercises to make you a safe diver.



As a certified Open Water Diver you can dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters. Depending on how comfortable you feel on the third or fourth dive, we will dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters to show you this feeling. Please note that the maximum depth for junior open water diver course.

You also have the possibility to do the theory and your pool dives at home and  only the open water dives in the sea with us. Just write us a message about that.

There's something for everyone

Choose your training package

You can choose from three different packages! Would you like to have the perfect souvenir photos with you and/or would you like to find out more about protecting the oceans? Then have a closer look to the Gold and Green packages:

Silver package

€ 519.00

- eLearning
- Confined water
- 4 open water dives
- Registration

Gold package

€ 548.00

- eLearning
- Confined water
- 4 open water dives
- Registration
- Photos and videos on dive #4
- T-shirt

Green package

€ 613.00

- eLearning
- Confined water
- 4 open water dives
- Registration
- Photos and videos on dive #5
- T-shirt
- PADI Aware course

Beginn with the diving theory!

Start with PADI eLearning

With the PADI eLearning® system you can start with the theoretical part of the course and work at your own pace. This convenient, interactive learning option allows you to learn anytime, anywhere where you have an internet connection.

After completing your eLearning program, you can start directly with the practical part of the course with us (or in any other PADI diving school worldwide). We will deduct the amount paid for this from the course.

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More information about the PADI Open Water Diver course


We offer our courses in German, English and French. We attach great importance to making you feel comfortable. Because we know it's a big step. Therefore, we always keep our groups as small as possible so that we can take enough time for each one.

How do I get to you?
In front of the dive centre there are free parking spaces and a bus station is only a 2 minute walk away. We also offer transportation from your hotel in the Pernera, Protaras, and Agia Napa region for a small extra cost.

What do I learn in theory and is there an exam?
During the theory input, you will learn about the physics of water, equipment, and general theory about diving. To test your knowledge, we will complete each topic with a small quiz and at the end there is a theory test.
But you don't have to be afraid of that :-) The theory is really very exciting and not very complicated.


Do I need my own equipment?
No of course not. So you don't need to buy or bring any equipment. However, if you have your own mask, you are welcome to take it with you. We will check beforehand whether it is a diving mask or snorkel mask (yes there are differences). Otherwise we offer you everything you need for your diving adventure in Cyprus. We offer you top equipment that is regularly maintained. The following equipment is required for diving; Diving mask, breathing regulator, life jacket, wet suit, fins and booties, lead and a diving bottle filled with air.
We show you exactly what all this is in theory.

However, we recommend every diver to have at least one mask. We are happy to advise you in our shop.

How deep can I dive as a PADI Open Water Diver?
After your training as a PADI Open Water Diver you can dive with a buddy to a maximum depth of 18 meters. As a PADI Scuba Diver, you have a maximum depth of 12 meters with a diving instructor or guide.

Do we dive from the boat or from the shore?
We are very lucky here in Cyprus that we have dive sites right on the shore. The most famous dive site is the Green Bay in Protaras which is only a few minutes away from us. Here we have a natural pool without waves and currents with standing water depth. We can do our exercises perfectly and slowly dive down from the shore. So we don't jump from a boat into the deep blue and then let us sink straight down. So you can get used to breathing under water.

Why do I actually need a diving license?
Basically, you can dive without a license. This is a so-called trial dive which you can do as often as you like. However, trial diving has some limitations and disadvantages. Basically, trial diving is there to give you the opportunity to try diving without having to start a course directly. When you try out diving, you always have a theoretical introduction, complete certain exercises and go diving with a diving instructor or DSD leader. This also means that trial diving is a greater effort for the diving school and therefore trial diving is often more expensive than regular diving. Another big disadvantage: You can only go to a maximum depth of 12 meters and often as a trial diver you don't go to the really great dive sites. Therefore, training as a PADI Open Water Diver is definitely worth it, so you can go diving with a dive guide or other divers who have a diving education.

Should I go diving alone with a friend after completing my diving training?
Of course, this depends on the experience of your "buddy". In theory, you are licensed as a PADI Open Water Diver to dive alone with a buddy who is at least also licensed as an Open Water Diver. We clearly advise against it. Always make sure that your buddy is at least a PADI Rescue Diver or that he/she already has a few dives in the logbook.

Zero to Advanced Package

Would you like to deepen your diving skills directly after the Open Water Diver course? Then we have the perfect offer for you! In 5 days (9 dives) you will complete:
  • PADI Open Water Diver course

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Dive course

  • PADI Nitrox course

  • including 2 Nitrox tanks

for an unbeatable 1'037 euros!

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