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Visit the underwater sculptures of  Ayia Napa


Since August 1st, 2021, the only underwater museum in the east of the Mediterranean invites you to dive. A thoughtful sculpture park was designed and sunk by Jason deCaires Taylor.  With his socially critical works, the artist conveys messages about the protection of the marine ecosystem. The animal population in the Mediterranean has been endangered for years. With his exhibition, deCaires Taylor wants to present the sea again as a place of gentle coexistence.

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Discover our packages with the underwater museum. Unfortunately, we are NOT allowed to do any try dives at MUSAN, at least a PADI Scuba Diver license (or equivalent) is required.

Learn at Musan


3 dives / 2 days
  • PADI Scuba Diver course

  • 1 dive at MUSAN

Minimum dive level: none

2 dive packages


2 dives / 1 day
  • 1 shore dive

  • 1 dive at MUSAN

Minimum dive level: Scuba Diver

4 dive packages


4 dives / 2 days
  • 2 shore dives

  • 1 boat dive Kyrenia wreck

  • 1 dive at MUSAN

Minimum dive level: AOWD

Back underwater

€ 369.00

5 dives / 2.5 days

- PADI Scuba ReActivate
- 3 shore dives
- 1 dive MUSAN

Minimum dive level: Scuba Diver

Explore Cyprus

€ 630.00

10 dives / 5 days

- 5 shore dives
- 1 dive at MUSAN
- 2 boat dives on local wrecks
- 2 boat dives on Zenobia
- incl. 10 nitrox cylinder

Minimum dive level: AOWD + EANX

The power of nature



In recent months we have seen the underwater world welcoming the museum. Algae have grown on the artificial trees and kelp sculptures and small schools of fish have taken up residence. Crayfish and cuttlefish are also more and more common. We are excited to see how the underwater museum presents itself after the winter break. 


The sculptures were installed at a depth of 8 - 10 meters and are therefore also suitable for beginners, but a diving license is required for the protection of the museum. However, the museum can also be explored while snorkeling or freediving.


We reach the museum from the old port of Ayia Napa by boat and the dive lasts about 45 minutes.


Open Water Diver

Start your diving career with the PADI Open Water Dive course and

dive further into the breathtaking underwater world. 

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