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haven't dived for a while?

PADI ReActivate 

Re-entry made easy

refresher course

Haven't dived for a while or have you forgotten how to react in certain situations?

The ReActivate course is designed to refresh your diving knowledge and skills. It's about picking you up at your current knowledge and deepening the topics that are a bit "rusty".

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When a ReActivate makes sense

Reasons why you should book a ReActivate course:

  • Returning to diving after a long time:
    - with 4 - 10 dives: 1 year
    - with 10 - 20 dives: 2 years
    - with 21 dives: 3 years

  • Refreshers of basic exercises according to the current status

  • Perfect handling of new diving equipment

  • Prepare for your next dive trip

  • Preparation for next course

We have the perfect diving conditions in Cyprus, um slowly getting used to familiar surroundings again. 


In preparation, we will send you the PADI ReAcivate eLearning so that you can refresh the theory from the comfort of your own home.

In our shop we will discuss your questions about theory, which exercises you would like to repeat and how the equipment is set up properly. Then we go to the dive site, where we will first repeat the diving exercises discussed in shallow water. These include, at a minimum, mask removal and replacement, establishing neutral buoyancy, emergency weight drop on the surface, and ascent with alternate air supplies.

After completing the exercises, we will explore the div site with the remaining air and apply what we have learned.

At the end you will receive an updated eCard with a ReActivate note, which you can show on your next diving trip.

Beginn with the diving theory!

Start with PADI eLearning

With the PADI eLearning® system you can start with the theoretical part of the course and work at your own pace. This convenient, interactive learning option allows you to learn anytime, anywhere where you have an internet connection.

After completing your eLearning program, you can start directly with the practical part of the course with us (or in any other PADI diving school worldwide). We will deduct the amount paid for this from the course.

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Further information

How do I get to you?

In front of the dive centre there are free parking spaces and a bus station is only a 2 minute walk away. We also offer transportation from your hotel in the Pernera, Protaras, and Agia Napa region for a small extra cost.

What do I learn in theory and is there an exam?

In the eLearning, the theory for the Open Water Diver is refreshed again and the most important diving rules are explained and repeated in quizzes. There is no theory test. In order to check your knowledge, we will give you repeat questions to answer on site.

Do I need my own equipment?

no You do not need your own equipment for this course.

How deep can I dive afterwards?

after the course, your deepest diving limit applies, from which you have a license.


Do we dive from the boat or from the shore?

We are very fortunate here in Cyprus to have great dive sites right off shore. One of the most famous dive sites is the Green Bay in Protaras, which is only a few minutes away from us. Here we have a natural pool without waves and currents with standing water depth. There we can do our exercises perfectly and slowly dive down from the shore.​


Diving in


Explore the underwater world from Cyprus!

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