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marine protection

Project Xenios

Our commitment to the sea


Since the beginning of 2020 we have observed a sharp increase in sea turtle sightings in Cyprus, around the holiday region of Ayia Napa and Protaras. Green sea turtles and loggerhead turtles have several nesting sites on the island. In the tourist areas, however, the turtles are exposed to many dangers. Unfortunately we also had to make a sad discovery on one of our dives; a dead sea turtle entangled in fishing lines. For this reason, we want to actively do something to protect it.

Project Xenios


We founded the Xenios project for this purpose. Our goal is to protect and preserve the Mediterranean Sea around Cyprus and its marine life. We want to make the sea turtle feeding grounds around Cyprus safer.

We work with the following 3 pillars:

ghost nets and marine debris

In April 2022 we would like to start removing ghost nets and marine debris so that no living creatures can get caught in them.

Turtle Database

We are creating a database about the local turtles to analyze and understand the impact of tourism.

educational work

People often do not behave correctly when handling sea turtles. We enlighten people directly on site.

Turtles database

We already have some turtles in our database. They are analyzed based on their pattern on the side of the head. The pattern is unique to each turtle, comparable to a fingerprint. So we can easily recognize them from a photo.

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Sea Turtle Adoption

Adopt a Cyprus Turtle and help us to protect them!


One year old Sponsorship includes:

- A certificate with named