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PADI Divemaster

Escape your everyday life - experience new adventures!


A break in Cyprus! Take time for yourself and your hobby, improve your diving skills and meet new cool people with the same passion as you. In addition, the PADI Divemaster gives you the opportunity to turn your passion into a job and work with it anywhere in the world.

what you need


To take part in the PADI Divemaster course you need the following qualifications:

Are you still missing a few courses? No problem! You are welcome to complete this with us in advance. Even if your dive logbook does not contain 40 entries, you can register with us from 20 dives and thus collect free dives until you are ready to go!

The medical diving certificate can also be carried out in Cyprus.

what you get

our range


Our Divemaster training includes:

  • Divemaster training

  • Divemaster eLearning Crew pack; includes eLearning, Instructor Manual, Logbook, Slates, eRDPml

  • License

  • unlimited diving during training

  • German-speaking instructors

  • exciting projects in the field of the environment and the sea

  • Rental equipment

  • 10% on shop items

  • 15% on diving courses

what's waiting for you

Training build-up

duration of training

The PADI Divemaster course from Rescue Diver level takes about 2 months with us - it depends on how fast we are progressing. It is important to us that we can send you into the world of pros with a clear conscience and that you feel prepared for it. Therefore we prefer to take a little more time.

Theoretical part

You develop your theoretical knowledge through eLearning, books and dialogue with comrades and instructors. It includes the following topics, among others; Your role as Divemaster, risk and safety management, diving guidance, assisting, diving theory, diving physics and the underwater world.

Practical part

Personal diving skills:  This important part of the training focuses on improving your diving skills. During many dives, in addition to perfecting your buoyancy, you will also practice the 24 diving skills in presentation quality. You create a dive site map with your buddy and learn to navigate underwater and plan dives. In so-called scenarios you will learn stress and rescue exercises, how to use search and rescue patterns and how to prepare deep dives. And of course fun dives with turtles, moraines and seahorses are a must.

Assist:  The second part of your practical training revolves around the duties of a divemaster. You take part in various diving courses and learn to implement your tasks as an assistant under the guidance of the instructor. You will also get to know the programs that you can carry out independently as a Divemaster, such as the PADI ReActivate and the PADI Discover Local Dive.


At the end there are various exams, which are of course celebrated appropriately after passing them. 

Further information

What is the best choice of accommodation?

Within walking distance of our dive shop there are inexpensive apartments that are ideal for a longer stay in Cyprus, so that you are flexible and independent.  

Do i need my own equipment?

No. Diving equipment is included in the Divemaster course, but our own ABC equipment is recommended. You can buy these in our shop with a percentage.

Is there an exam?

Yes, there are several tests: fitness tests (in the water), rescue exercise, stress test, diving skills test and various theory tests. But do not worry, we will prepare you well for it.

How deep can I dive as a PADI Divemaster?
After your training as a PADI Divemaster, you can dive with a buddy to a depth of 30 meters.


Do we dive from the boat or from the shore?

We are very lucky here in Cyprus that we have great dive sites right on the shore. One of the most famous dive sites is the Green Bay in Protaras, which is only a few minutes away from us. Here we have a natural pool without waves and currents with standing water depth. There we can perfectly practice our diving skills and dive.  

Is the Divemaster also something for me if I don't want to work on it?

Yes, the Divemaster is more than a job. You get a break from your everyday life, get to know new people and do what you love to do best, diving! The Divemaster makes you a responsible and safer diver. Another bonus: with the Divemaster you get a percentage in many diving schools around the world! ;)

Can I work for you as a Divemaster afterwards?

This possibility exists because you will be ready for the main season just in time, but it depends on a number of factors.



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